This is a very old wine estate, with a strong brand and a beautiful Château. It is situated on an extremely good terroir, mainly on a slope. There are approximately 30 hectares and additional rented hectares. The wines benefit from a very positive brand image and are regularly ranked by the most famous wine critics worldwide. The transaction is a large majority transaction to total sale, the current manager (and shareholder with his father) of the estate would nevertheless wish to continue working on the estate and remain minority shareholder alongside a new investor, to the extent that the investor agrees to it. Ideally he would have a guarantee to sell his shares to the investor on the mid-term but he will be open to a 100% transaction depending on how the transaction is structured.

The inventory levels are quiet low, there are no ‘En Primeur’ sales. This is a very profitable business (€1.4m)  which could be easily doubled, thanks to potential vineyard extension under the management of a world famous French Oenologist. The shareholders would wish to increase the EBITBA level by enhancing the estate production (it’s quite easy to find additional vines ‘around’ the estate).

Key Investment points:

  • This is an exclusive, discreet listing with Leggett Commercial
  • Very old wine estate with a strong brand and beautiful Château
  • Situated on excellent terroir, mainly sloping
  • Around 30 hectares owned with additional hectares rented
  • The wines benefit from a very positive brand image and regularly ranked by famous wine critics worldwide
  • Transaction being a large majority transaction, to total sale
  • Low inventory levels due to no ‘en primeur’ sales

Highly profitable business (€1.4m), easily doubled.

PRICE: €30m